EyeGuide® Mobile Tracker

Now see what others see as they see it—wherever they are, whatever they are doing


Eyeguide Mobile TrackerTwo years in the making, built on innovative technology, ongoing iterative user experience (UX) testing, as well as critical feedback from customers of our first generation eye tracker, EyeGuide® Mobile Tracker has been developed to be the ideal combination of affordability, flexibility, and capability.

You can view detailed technical specifications here, but a brief review below of our Mobile Tracker’s key features shows that it is a complete eye tracking system, hardware and software included, which offers advantages far superior to other mobile tracking systems, making it a platform you can rely on for conducting studies in almost any environment.

With the increased emphasis on in situ or field testing so that researchers can gain a more accurate understanding of how users actually engage with technology or carry out other real-world activities, the EyeGuide® Mobile Tracker is a turn-key solution for implementing, in the field

  • Mobile technology evaluation,
  • Driving, flying, or other training and research where users are operating vehicles or equipment
  • Sports research, during practice or even in game situations,
  • Mixed media research as users engage with different technology in a mobile environment,
  • Shopping or other consumer research,
  • Eye tracking of art, billboards, signs, and other non-screen objects, products, and displays,
  • Printed book, magazines, and other hard copy publication research.

The research possibilities are unlimited, simply because of EyeGuide® Mobile Tracker’s features. Order now.

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